Marty A. Dailey 
Training Counselor #543843

 10 copies of Concealed Carry and Home Defense Fundamentals                 by Michael Martin 
 10 copies of Concealed Carry Magazine
 7 Complete Lessons 
 50 Postage-Paid Concealed Carry Magazine subscription postcards
 1 Classroom Poster 
 USCCA Instructor Shirt & Hat

 You also receive access to the                                                    Instructor eLearning Course
You’ll Spend More Time With Your Family, On The Range, and At The Bank With This “Done-For-You” Kit...

 ►The USCCA INSTRUCTOR TOOLKIT contains everything you need to either start a firearms training business or bring your’s to a new level.

 ► Here’s just part of what you can expect from this tool kit:

 ► Reduces the effort needed to prepare for your class with all in one kit

 ► ​Allows you more time with your family and less time creating or preparing for your classes because it’s already been done for you.

 ►Decreases your overall expenses by providing you with low cost, high quality materials.

 ►Makes you more money with our affiliate program commission structure.

 ►Enhances your professional reputation with backing from the USCCA.

 ►Increases your student referrals by giving them their own piece of the experience to take home and show their friends.

 ►Boosts your students' lesson retention with an easy to follow systematic presentation.

 ►Motivates your students to return for additional training by demonstrating the importance of continued firearms education.

The USCCA Instructor Certification course is three full days include classroom instruction, hands-on breakout sessions, and a live-fire exercise. Ownership of the Instructor Toolkit is required.

Michael Martin, Chief Instructor and author of Concealed Carry and Home Defense Fundamentals, will review student materials provided in the Instructor Toolkit, identify important elements within the USCCA curriculum and present tips to maximize the use of multimedia materials. Students will learn common instructor mistakes and how to avoid them, and how to use PowerPoint to integrate the USCCA curriculum into their lessons. The course will also touch upon proper business and financial management.

Other presentations and guest appearances may include Tim Schmidt, President and Founder of the USCCA; Kevin Michalowski, Executive Editor of Concealed Carry Magazine; and Mark Walters, host of the nationally syndicated Armed American Radio show.

Students will receive the course agenda, a list of items to bring, and further information via email prior to the start date.

USCCA Certified Instructor Credentials ($300 Value)

»  Expand your professional network.
»  Compliment your existing credentials and enhance your resume with USCCA certification.

Marketing Tips ($100 Value)

»  Access marketing materials including scripts and templates for Google Adwords, Bing/Yahoo, and Facebook ads, newspaper ads, and radio ads.

Quality Teaching Materials And Strategies ($100 Value)

»  Learn how to use PowerPoint and integrate our curriculum into your lessons.
»  Leverage our text book, Concealed Carry and Home Defense
»  Fundamentals, to increase student engagement and retention.
»  Enhance your teaching techniques through hands-on breakout sessions and feedback from a USCCA Training 
»  Counselor and peer evaluation.

Referral Commission (Unlimited Potential)

»  Earn 15 percent on every referral that results in a Concealed Carry Magazine subscription or USCCA Membership activation.

USCCA Instructor Portal ($1,000 Value)

»  Access and download updated teaching resources including:
    ▪ Updated PowerPoint and Support Videos
    ▪ State Supplements
    ▪ Student Quiz and Instructor Answer Key
    ▪ Student Registration/Liability Waiver Form
    ▪ Course Completion Certificate Template
    ▪ USCCA Instructor Logo
»  Purchase textbooks at a special USCCA Certified Instructor rate.
»  List your training classes in our searchable database.

A Value of Over $1,500!